Portraits, photo book , Anna Khavro 


Unique (1/1) handmade photo book contains 6 1/1 silver-gelatin prints made in the darkroom under an enlarger on expired photographic paper from the 80's.  More details

Landscape, Photograms, Anna Khavro 

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Unique (1/1) handmade photo book contains 35 original photograms (1/1 silver-gelatin prints) made in the darkroom under an enlarger on the old photographic paper. More details

Abstract Photograms

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Art Book, Photograms


Art Book, Photograms, Abstract

This handmade art book contains 18 photograms (1/1 gelation-silver prints), 
made in the darkroom on expired photo paper (Fotonbrom from the 80's). 
Prints treated for archival permanence, air-dried and heat-pressed, signed on verso. 

Book size: 17 x 9cm

Edition: 1/1


Art Book, Gelatin-Silver, Blurred

In this handmade art book I present intentionally blurred photos. 

Reducing the sharpness we lose context of the photos and we are forced to search for new meaning. 

The book includes 13 gelatin silver prints.

Book size: 12 x 8,5cm

Edition 1/1